Roles & Responsibilities

Chapter Executives

President: The President presides over chapter board and business meetings, general meetings, and monitors the progress of all chapter activities. The President appoints standing and temporary committees and is an ex officio member of all standing committees. He or she serves as chapter liaison with AMWA national headquarters, including receiving and handling notices from the national office (eg, inquiries about the chapter, notification of new and dropped members, dues notices, etc.). Full responsibilities

President-Elect: The President-Elect shall assist the President in all of his or her duties and responsibilities. The President-Elect works with the President to identify and recruit new volunteers to serve on the chapter board for the upcoming year, and presides at general, business, and executive board meetings of the chapter in the absence of the President. Full responsibilities

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the chapter’s finances. Responsibilities include keeping the chapter’s financial records, collecting and depositing payments from attendees at chapter events and paying expenses for those events, and sending a report on the chapter’s finances to AMWA headquarters twice a year. Full responsibilities

Secretary: The Secretary performs various clerical functions for the chapter, as well as attends all general, business, and executive board meetings of the chapter. Full responsibilities


Other Chapter Leaders

Communications Chair (coming soon)

Membership Chair (coming soon)

Members-at-Large (coming soon)

Website Manager: The Website Manager maintains the chapter’s website throughout the year, updating the calendar of events, current officers, job postings, relevant links and resources, etc. He or she also assigns e-mail addresses to new officers and board members, as needed. Full responsibilities