Joining AMWA

If you write, edit, or are employed in the field of biomedical communication, you belong in AMWA. AMWA enhances the professionalism of freelance medical writers and editors and of those employed by a hospital, medical school, clinic, health sciences centre, foundation, or nonprofit association, or by a pharmaceutical, medical communication, or biotechnology company.

Membership in AMWA is open to anyone interested in any aspect of biomedical communication. Student membership is available to full-time students.

Visit the AMWA membership page to learn more.



If you live in Canada and join AMWA, you will automatically become a member of the AMWA-CANADA chapter unless you indicate that you would prefer to be in another chapter.

There are no additional membership dues.

AMWA-CANADA is a chapter like any other, despite the fact that we are located in a different country. That means if you live in Canada and would like to join AMWA, you do so through the head office (headquarters) in the United States. All the application information you need can be found on the AMWA website. You may also contact AMWA Headquarters for a membership information packet, which includes an application form and information on member benefits and services. In either case, please mention that you were referred by the AMWA-CANADA website.  

AMWA (National)
40 West Gude Drive, Suite 101
Rockville MD 20850-1192, USA
T: 301-294-5303
F: 301-294-9006
E: amwa%23org|amwa

The chapter you belong to does not affect your eligibility to attend events put on by other chapters. All AMWA members, no matter what chapter they belong to, can attend any AMWA event put on by any chapter, as a member.

Please note that AMWA membership dues are in US funds, even though we are a Canadian chapter.